Robbins Nest Custom Machine Quilting Introduction
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Do you love to make quilt tops?
Hate to hand quilt them OR don't have the time?
Want to get them finished faster?
We can help you do just that!

Robbin's Nest can turn your quilt into an heirloom with hand-guided machine quilting! You choose from our list of beautiful patterns and thread colors and we'll do the quilting for you. (Binding the edges is also available for an additional fee)

It's that easy!

Want it back before Christmas? Get it to us by Aug. 1
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August 9, 2012 

I am currently webmaster-less and not sure how to make major changes to this website. Please bear with me while I try to figure out how to make the necessary changes needed. Thanks for your continued patience. So a few things for your consideration...

1. Bonnie is back from wintering down south, so she is available to speak with you by phone to schedule bringing your quilts. She can assist you with thread color or pattern choices and filling out your work order. Her phone number is listed below.

2. We've had a few minor changes to our downloadable work order, however, being that I am not quite sure how to upload it to my website yet, you may want to wait until you bring your quilt to fill one out. MN sales tax is now 6.875% so please include that amount when filing out your work order if you are a Minnesota resident. The work orders we have in-house are current and reflect all the recent changes. If you are mailing a quilt you can still use the downloadable work order and pencil in any changes you think are appropriate. Just make sure we have a current phone number in case we have any questions about your work order.

3. We lost one of our major thread suppliers so due to having to find an alternate supplier and a huge increase in our costs for thread, as much as we hate to, we have had to raise our prices for threads. The current cost for thread will be $5 per quilt across the board. Some specialty threads may have additional costs as well depending on the brand. We can no longer offer neutral threads for free. We will still try to match bobbin thread to your quilt backing as always, but if we can't get a good match we will use a neutral color.

4. We have many more patterns available than are represented on this website. Bonnie can show them to you when you bring your quilt. We have many quilted samples on hand so you can get a really good idea how it will look on your quilt. And I'll put additional pictures on this site once I've figured out how to change/add the graphics.

November 26, 2011

NEW! We are now accepting credit cards!

Now with our iPad and "The Square" credit card reader we can now accept the following credit cards for your convenience. We can send your receipt to your cell phone or your email.

    * Visa
    * Mastercard
    * Discover
    * American Express

December 10, 2012 we will stop accepting quilts until after the Holidays. We will use the remaining time before Christmas to finish our own projects. We will again accept quilts starting January 3, 2013. 

Phone number change 

Bonnie is back and you can call her at 651-257-6638 to schedule an appointment to bring your quilt or you can call 651-257-5815 and ask to speak to Robin. You can also contact us 24/7 by email at

As always, you can still mail quilts to us if you are unable to come in person. Just go to our work order pdf page, print and fill out your work order and include it with payment when you mail your quilt. Remember, if you live in Minnesota to include the sales tax in your payment. MN sales tax is now 6.875%. Until I've figured out how to make the changes to the work order on this site you can pencil in the change in sales tax and thread costs.

Please remember to include your batting when you mail your quilt. We no longer stock battings at this time. Refer to our batting page as it details the battings brands that we accept. We've worked with nearly every batting on the market in the last 18 years and have listed the batting brands that work the best with our machine, and stand up to the handling process required for machine quilting.

If your quilt top has gotten a little larger than the pattern (we see this a lot), please purchase the next size bigger batting. Yes, you will have extra left overs, but we never like to run short on the batting or the backing and don't want to have to add a piece on by hand when we get to the end of a quilt. 


Machine Quilting
We offer a full range of machine quilting services and have a large variety of quilting patterns to choose from. We carry batting and backing from major manufacturers and have experience quilting on all brands and types including virgin wool batts from locally raised sheep.

Please view our Quilting Policy before sending your quilt to us.

Ancestors in an Instant and Photo transfers are currently not available. We may bring them back in the future. 

Pillow_Flowers_small.jpgAncestors in an Instant
Ancestors in an Instant© is your answer! Don't have your own photo? No problem, Adopt an Ancestor in an Instant© too! (Please be patient, this page may take some time to load).

Memory books, pillows and quilts are all the rage these days! Do you know someone who seems to have everything? Does that leave you wondering what to give them for Christmas?

Pillow_Flowers_small.jpgPhoto Transfer
Using the latest technology from Hewlett Packard and June Tailor Quilting Products, Robbin's Nest is now offering exceptional quality, colorfast and washable Photo Transfers to Printer Fabric Sheets. Custom quilt labels also available.
(Temporarily Unavailable)



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